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Vision and Mision 
Our mision is:

to help increase the exports of Turkish products according to the needs of our Global customers,

and our vision is:

is to belong to the first 100 most important suppliers in Turkey for the Global markets by 2050...

Iyonya Export, Import, Consultancy, Marketing and Trade Ltd. Co.

The right choice for trading in Turkey...

Where & who we are?


Our company is located in Izmir, where trade has been made since ancient times. Our company is the export agency of small and medium-sized companies in the fields of food, home textiles, furniture, mining and many more. At the same time, we provide consultancy services to companies that want to work with Turkish manufacturers.

Since 2004...

With our expert team, focusing on exports from Turkey to the world, we offer a lot of opportunities to companies that want to start doing bussiness in Turkey. The advantages of working with us will be the all time expert guidence once you consult us. We will take care of all steps during your journey in Turkish business while you can just lean back and wait for your expectations to come true..

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